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Do you ever find yourself waiting, waiting for the next moment or adventure in your life. I do. But I want to be more present, I’m working on that.

Joanna and Kevin got married - some highlights

Joanna contacted me asking if I had the date available to photograph her wedding, she said it was going to be small and simple with just her closest family and friends celebrating at Tamarama beach in Sydney. I told her yes, it sounded like it was going to be a beautiful and intimate day. What I didn’t expect was to be completely affected by the love not only shared between Joanna and Kevin but by their entire family, I came away wanting to plan my own wedding. Here are a few highlights from the morning.


I’m was up early working, drinking tea and pondering what the future holds for my children this morning. While scanning the net I came across this quote and thought it was a perfect, inspiring read to start the day.

Use your voice for kindness,

your ears for compassion,

your hands for charity,

your mind for truth,

and your heart for love.

- Unknown -



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