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From the weekend

Sometimes I need to pinch myself that this is my job! I feel so grateful that I get to work with amazing families, edit from home with my little one by my side and most of all it allows me to be home for my big boy after school.

This family was seriously delightful, so relaxed and were more than happy to be all loved up in front of my camera.

Sneak Peek

Beautiful afternoon, gorgeous family plus their furry friend makes for a very fun shoot!

Sneak Peek

Such a fun shoot exploring the beach at Kingscliff!

Don't miss the moments

The beauty in having kids is the unexpected and the imperfect. Our once somewhat controlled life is gone and our hearts especially do not belong to us anymore, our lives have been turned upside down into an existence (only if we choose though) of seeing from the ground up and not from where we once viewed it before. The thing is if we still go on looking at life from above down we will miss the moments that will never be again one day. Such as the times that our kids do things that enrage us so much all we can do is stand back and laugh, you know the times when they draw there name on the walls with permanent marker because they were so happy they could finally write. Then we go on explaining why walls are just walls and not to be used as paper, this goes straight over their heads and they say…

“But why can’t we draw on the walls”

Don’t miss the moments because you’re trying to be perfect, don’t apologise for your house being messy and most of all enjoy the imperfect parts of your kids because one day the self haircuts, writing on walls and the grandest of tantrums over the most ridiculous things will be no more.

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