Cara Loren

Beautiful bellies

Aunty Em is coming to visit from the Gold Coast on the weekend, we’re all very excited to catch up with her as well as Uncle Phil, Ikey and the newest member of the family Livvy.

Thought I would pop up a couple of shots of Aunty Em when she was pregnant with our gorgeous Livvy, where does time go, our baby is 6 months now. Can’t wait to photograph by little niece when she is down and capture all that 6 month chubbiness.

If only

If only we could pause time. Do you ever look back on photos and think.. oh kids, please don’t grow up.  I do. Christian is off to school next year and even though I’m looking forward to seeing him learn and grow, I just hope the next 6 months go slowly. I’m also making the most of it, there is never a lack of cuddles or tickles going around in our house, bed times have been extended a little, just to get more Mum and son time in and most importantly I’m enjoying every bit of this journey called… Motherhood!

Sneak Peek - boys will be boys

This image sums up these 3 boys perfectly! So full of life, incredibly fun and simply gorgeous. I had the best time photographing them and after the session, had it not started pelting down with rain.. I’m sure their Mum and I would of kept on talking for hours. Such an awesome family, thanks for the great time! More images to come :)

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